200kg Adjustable Pull Up Bar

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One of the most effective home workout strategies is to incorporate the popular "Door Gym" or The Chin Pull Up Bar. These Horizontal Bars are Steel of various sizes, but ours is a 200 kg Adjustable Training Bar. Use it as an integral part of your home gym and do a range of Fitness pull-ups and Sit-ups on it - as you adjust it appropriately to support the chosen exercise.

This very Door Horizontal Bars is strong enough to support your eight up to 200 kg. Train daily to achieve your fitness goal.

Note: Please tighten it appropriately, to ensure it ifastened in place. No need for screws. Just place it and tighten the twsides accordingly. 





Material: Steel+foam

Color: black, grey, black in red as show

Diameter: 30 mm


Black, silver one it is 1.0 mm thickness

Red (Burgundy), Grey (Light grey) one it is 1.5 mm thickness.

Max loaded:

Black, silver one it is 150 kg

Red(Burgundy), Grey(Light grey) one it is 200kg

size:60cm  ( total stretch length it is 100cm but the use length only can suit for 63-85cm). 

80cm ( total stretch length it is 130cm but the use length only can suit for 83-115cm)

If it is over, it is not very safe, and the load is low.