Decompression Lumbar Support Belt

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 Key Benefits:

    • Supports the lumbar vertebrae by lowering and lifting it to restore the lumbar vertebrae and relax the lumbar muscle
    • Effectively strengthens the lumbar disc, joint, muscle tension, sciatica, lumbar aging, numbness in the legs, exercise deficiency, postpartum low back pain, abdominal obesity.
    • Stabilizes the lower back and improves posture.
    • Decompresses the spine allowing for discs to return to normal.
    • Continuous traction and support: durable traction and continuous support (tens of hours)

    How to use:

    • Wear the air pressure waist pull belt directly on the skin surface or underwear surface;
    • Wear it over the hip bone and under the soft ribbed bow, and fasten the Velcro;
    • The air pump clip is aligned with the air nozzle, and the air is manually inflated;
    • Fully inflate the belt until the air column is fully deployed;
    • Wear it for 30-60 minutes, which can be extended according to the actual situation;
    • Use it for 40 minutes before going to bed, the effect is better (note: the belt should be removed during sleep);
    • When unlocking, deflate first and then unlock the Velcro;
    • It is recommended to remove the belt or waist ornaments before use.

    Other Functions and Benefits:

    • Strengthens the back and core spinal area.
    • Stretches tightly your lower back muscles.
    • Relieve lower back pain and stiffness.
    • Improve nutrient flow on your spine.
    • The belt transfers the weight of your spine.
    • Lift upper body weight of the lower back.
    • Reduces pain and pressure on pinched nerves.
    • Decompress lower back joints and spinal discs.
    • Helps relieve pressure off pinched nerves.

    Traction Belt: 115 cm (45.2")
    Width Before Inflation: 13 cm (5.1")
    Width After Inflation: 20 cm (7.9")

    Package includes:
    Belt × 1 
    Air pump or Inflator × 1 
    English manual × 1