Cardio Bike Trainer

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Building a Home Gym? Enjoy Your Daily Exercise & Hassle-Free Workouts using this Active Lifestyle Equipment - The Cardio Bike Trainer.


Easily Exercise Like a Pro & Gain More Youthful Vitality while turning your feet as you comfortably sit on your couch or on your desk. The Cardio Bike Trainer is a flexible fitness tool that lets you pedal comfortably while seated, so it allows multi-tasking. and lets you train in a fun way while doing other tasks. It is simply a mini exercise bike for accomplished multi-taskers.


Put it under your computer desk or use it  while watching the TV, as often as you like, to keep pace with your steps and burn off those excess calories.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and be healthier and happier, while relaxing in your living room, or at the bedroom. Gone are the days of keeping sedentary just because you're working from home. Use it basically while while you are working at home and place it under the table of your home office, so you can exercise while working, or comfortably exercise while you relax in the evening playing some cool games with your wife or kids 





ABS + PP, Steel Pipe, High-strength webbing






Counter Power Supply


2 x AAA Battery(not included)


Overall Size


40x35x31.5cm / 15.75"x13.78"x12.40"


Features and Benefits:

-- Use this Compact Stationary bike to workout your Upper and lower joint movement,; train your upper and lower limbs and engage in on-going, daily indoor fitness  activities with the portable exercise bike. This small exercise bike can also be applied in normal physiotherapy rehabilitation, or just as a fun workout kit, as a great component of your family's home gym equipment. 

-- Made of ABS and PP material, the mini pedal exerciser is durable and easy to operate. It endures stress-level and ordinary-level fitness activities.

-- The stationary bike pedals have Large resistance adjustment., so hop on and enjoy your daily dose of home fitness exercise.

-- Equipped with multi-function counter (display time, distance, scan, calories).

-- The mini exercise bike is small and practical, simple to use, easy to load and unload, and can exercise both hands and feet.

-- Anti-slip, anti-scuff rubber feet pads and heavy duty steel frame prevent the exerciser from sliding and keep you safe and ultra efficient.

-- You can always choose the perfect resistance level for your workout with the adjustable tension level.

-- It is apt for cardiopulmonary exercise function, coordination of limb muscles and vital aerobics necessary for overall body movement. This mini exercise bike also helps improve cardiovascular function.

-- Requires home assembly.

Package included:

1 x Cardio (Exercise) Bike Trainer

2 x Mini Screwdriver

1 x English User Manual


1. The trainer must be kept away from children.

2. Do not use the Cardio Bike Trainer if it's damaged or defective.

3. The product is intended for indoor use only.

4. Make sure that the pedals are tight when in use.

The Cardio Bike Trainer has an two in-built Pedal Stabilization Strap, so you keep your feet or hands in place and don't have to worry about the legs slipping while exercising.


Monitor each step or the entire workout session with the LED Display.



You can also exercise your hands with this fist-friendly Cardio Bike Trainer. Or simply relax your legs and spin at your convenience while reading your favorite story or news journal.