GLF Abs Roller Trainer

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Looking for the best Ab Roller, to shape your core belly training? The GLF Abdominal Core Belly Roller Trainer does just that. See it as a Roller Coaster for core  ab fitness exercise; It is a required workout for Core Belly Training. 


Features and Specification: 

  • For: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
  • Type: Single-Wheeled
  • Name: Abdominal Wheel
  • Available Color: Red/Blue
  • Effect: Abdominal/Back Core Trainer
  • Silent and Stable rolling and move in all home surface. It doesn't rebound.
  • Material: TPR+PP+stainless steel+sponge

Content Packaging:
  • The complete set includes: wheels, stainless steel tube, sponge handle, mattress, manual.
  • Product weight 770 g or 0.7 kg.
  • Product packaging: 5-layer kraft carton neutral packaging
  • Product packaging size: 180 x 230 x 150 mm