GLF Golf Practice Rug

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Golf is a game of patience and learning, and the very best golfers are learning almost every hour of every day practicing their swing, approach, and also learning how to keep their temper under control when things aren’t going their way. Now, you don’t need to be on the golf course or at the driving range to practice and perfect your game. It can also be done at home through the actual convenience of the best putting mats or rugs, which recreate the conditions of those greens in ways your backyard never could. They’re not just mats with holes on one end, they’re authentic and useful rugs, specifically designed for Golf Practice - either indoors or outdoors.

1)Deluxe Home Mats – These deluxe Golf Mats allow you to experience the ease and comfort of professional practice in the comfort of your own home.
2)Green-esque Performance– The high-quality non-crease polyamide fiber putting surface combines with the TPR anti-skid base for a smooth real-green feel with every putt.
3)Practice Anywhere – Suitable for any flat surface, the Home Golf Mat high-quality base allows for a true roll on any surface. Ideal for at home or in the office.
4)Putting Perfection – These premium putting Mats or Rugs will put your short game to the ultimate test. Mat rolls away for simple storage & portability.

Type: Indoor Training Golf Putting Mat or Rug
Optional Color: One-way Golf Putting Mat/ Green Golf Putting Mat
Size: 50*300cm/19.69*118.11in
Thickness: 4mm
Material: Polyamide Fiber Surface + TPR Anti-skid Base

Package Includes:
1 X Indoor Training Golf Putting Mat