GymPro Smart Neck Massager

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Use the GymPro Smart Neck Massager in the neck area for relaxation, to soothe your neck discomfort. 

It uses electric pulse to help you relax and relieve stress and tension. Enjoy the convenience of use of this Smart Neck Massaging Kit for your Neck Care.



For use in: The Neck area.

Material: ABS

 Item Type: Massage & Relaxation



  •  Electric impulse frequency: 0-1000Hz
  •  Electric impulse width: 20-400μs
  •  Pulses  frequency: 0Hz - 1000Hz
  •  Pulse width: 20us - 400us
  •  Power: 3V (DC); 30 mA


    • 6 different mode to select.
    • 16 strength levels to choose from, based on your personal comfort.
    • Main function: Uses Electronic pulse massager to relax neck
    • Power supply: 2 x AAA dry cell (Not included). The product can be used for 7 hours continuously.

    Package included

    1 x Neck Massager Machine

    2 x Massager Pads

    1 x Wire