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The Smart Touch Neck Massager is a Cervical Massager for your neck care. It uses a low frequency magnetic therapy pulse via infrared heating technology to soothe pains in the neck areas. It is an effective Neck Massaging tool to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

The Smart Touch Neck Massager helps you relax by comfortably giving your neck the desired touch-like massage to relieve discomfort.

It is an Ergonomics tool, designed to give you the soothing effect to relieve neck pain and tension. The U-shaped, ring-type design, follows the shape and curved form of the cervical human neck. However, you can adjust the neck straps freely, to suit your needs. 

The Smart Touch Neck Massager has 3 transferable modes, with 15 kinds of adjustable intensity. Because it allows you to choose any mode or intensity according to your precise need, this gives you better comfort for a seamless massage and relaxing experience.

Electric pulse massage. The Electric pulse massage can stimulate the nerve acupoint repeatedly to promote metabolism, relax muscles and eliminate soreness.  

3D intelligent fit technology. You can easily adjust the electrodes to suit your neck curve. 

Use the Smart Touch Massager on the neck, while its' soothing effect can be felt in your shoulder areas.  



How it works:

  • An electrical pulse signal is transmitted through the skin and acts directly on the sensory nerve cells to relieve pain.
  • Heating occurs in the touch process to relieve the discomfort in the neck.
  • 3 big 15 mode to choose from, according to your strength or absorbing ability. Select the right mode to meet your individual needs.
  • The streamlined, ring design and U-shape of the neck massager is compatible with the human cervical neck.
  • 3D smart fitting technology ensures you can easily position the in-built electrode according to your neck curve.
  • It's suitable for the neck, shoulder, back and legs.
  • Please read the instruction manual included and remember to wet your neck with a towel before using the Smart Neck Massager.


  • Through low-cycle pulse technology, it penetrates 3-5 centimetres below the skin to open the pain points and lighten the pain of the cervical spine.
  • Constant temperature massage. Hot compress at 42℃, it can relax blood vessels, relax muscles and bones, accelerate blood circulation and relieve cervical pain.
  • 3 massage modes and 15-strength adjustment: Acupuncture mode, massage mode and knocking mode.
  • Shut down at regular intervals. The device is set to automatically shut down after 15 minutes for a safer, more assured usage.
  • USB charging: 1600 mAh battery, charged for 2 hours, can be used for 15 minutes daily massage and serve for about 1 month.


Material: ABS + 304 stainless steel TPR 

Charging mode: USB

Capacity: 1600 mAh

Voltage parameters: DC5V; 1A; 5W Built-in lithium battery

Duration: Massage 15 minutes a day for about 1 month.

Size: 142*138*60 mm / 5.59" * 5.43" * 2.36"

Weight: 160g

Colors: White/Pink/Dark Blue

Key Specs Summary:

  • Package size: 20 * 18 * 6 cm / 7.87 * 7.09 * 2.36 "
  • Skin type: All skin types
  • Material: PC + silicone
  • Battery capacity: 1600 mAh
  • Standard input: DC 5 V
  • Maximum power: 5 W

The package includes:

  • 1 x neck massage
  • 1 x remote control (built-in battery button)
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x user manual